Press Releases

Below are all of our press releases published since our move to Long Island City in 2001. For media inquiries, please contact Jillian Scott, Communications, Marketing, and Digital Media Manager at or call 718.361.1750 x117.

Press Release: 12.01.08

In Practice Winter 2009

Press Release: 11.18.08

The Space of the Work and the Place of the Object

Press Release: 09.02.08

Ann Craven: Against the Stream

Press Release: 08.25.08

We Burn, We Shiver.
Martin Boyce and Ugo Rondinone

Press Release: 08.25.08

Degrees of Remove: Landscape and Affect

Press Release: 07.31.08

Soy el final de la reproducción

Press Release: 04.23.08

Michael Portnoy: Casino Ilinx

Press Release: 04.14.08

Decoys, Complexes, and Triggers: Feminism and Land Art in the 1970s

Press Release: 01.08.08

Tom Burr: Addict Love

Press Release: 01.08.08

New In Practice Projects, Winter 2008